As always, our focus is on our students. From our academic programs to our student activities and services, our goal is to help them succeed.
That commitment does not end with a temporary campus closure. Please listen to the words of encouragement and congratulations from RACC’s faculty and staff members.

Jodi Corbett Jodi Corbett
Janine Tiffany Janine Tiffany
Eleisha and Gabe Moreno Eleisha and Gabe Moreno
EAP Team EAP Team
Dory Peterson Dory Peterson
Disability Services Disability Services
Cathy Weinheimer Cathy Weinheimer
Carolina Szarawara Carolina Szarawara
Carmela Capellupo-Beaver Carmela Capellupo-Beaver
Brian Schell Brian Schell
Bette Keeny Bette Keeny
Alexis Jardine Alexis Jardine
Alayne Fessler Alayne Fessler
Admissions Admissions
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