As always, our focus is on our students. From our academic programs to our student activities and services, our goal is to help them succeed.
That commitment does not end with a temporary campus closure. Please listen to the words of encouragement and congratulations from RACC’s faculty and staff members.

Brenda Creasy Brenda Creasy
Business Division Business Division
Angelica Rojo-Monserrate Angelica Rojo-Monserrate
Yasmin Abreu Yasmin Abreu
Wendy Dunlop Wendy Dunlop
Tamie Dickson Tamie Dickson
Tamer Youssef Tamer Youssef
Stacia Visgarda Stacia Visgarda
Robin Eckert Robin Eckert
Rhonda Hudak Rhonda Hudak
Paula Mazurkiewicz Paula Mazurkiewicz
Nancy Purcell Nancy Purcell
Monica Quigley Monica Quigley
Michelle Wallace Michelle Wallace
Michael Nagel Michael Nagel
Mandy Harshberger Mandy Harshberger
Jodi Greene Jodi Greene