As always, our focus is on our students. From our academic programs to our student activities and services, our goal is to help them succeed.
That commitment does not end with a temporary campus closure. Please listen to the words of encouragement and congratulations from RACC’s faculty and staff members.

Sonia Rieger Sonia Rieger
Pamela Blakely Pamela Blakely
Marjorie Kerbel Marjorie Kerbel
Marian Robidas Marian Robidas
Maria Mitchell Maria Mitchell
Luna McMahon Luna McMahon
Kay Litman Kay Litman
Karen Hartman Karen Hartman
Joey Flamm-Costello Joey Flamm-Costello
Jennifer Lindsay Jennifer Lindsay
Jen Gittings-Dalton Jen Gittings-Dalton
Ivy Copeland Ivy Copeland
Erin Clouser Erin Clouser
ECE Faculty ECE Faculty
Diane Conrad Diane Conrad
Dan Glass Dan Glass
Danelle Bower Danelle Bower
Chris Costello Chris Costello