As always, our focus is on our students. From our academic programs to our student activities and services, our goal is to help them succeed.
That commitment does not end with a temporary campus closure. Please listen to the words of encouragement and congratulations from RACC’s faculty and staff members.

Guido Pichini Guido Pichini
Academic Affairs Academic Affairs
Rebecca Paull Rebecca Paull
Mary Turner Mary Turner
Dixie Becker Dixie Becker
TerriAnne Fritz TerriAnne Fritz
Library Staff Library Staff
Laura Kruse Laura Kruse
Jill Eliff Jill Eliff
Jamica Andrews Jamica Andrews
Holly Kline Holly Kline
Ellen Walter Ellen Walter
Denise Strohmayr Denise Strohmayr
Carol Bean-Ritter Carol Bean-Ritter
Auria Bradley Auria Bradley
Al Walentis Al Walentis
Teri Floyd-Brumm Teri Floyd-Brumm
STEM Division STEM Division